Written & Oral Task 1

People in your life


Pre writing
Think of 5 important people in your life. Complete the chart.

Who are they?
How old is he/she?
Where is he/she from?
Why is he/she important to you?
Where is he/she now?
What's his/her job?

With the information on the chart write a paragraph about the people. Use the model in your book on page 25.

Useful Language
O K, five people in my life . The first is ... (name)
Duncan's (my brother/ a very good friend).
We're on the phone a lot.
I'm (a shop assistant/an office worker) and Mark's my
(She/He's) very nice, very friendly.
... is a (worker in my office/student in my class).
We're in a class together.
We're good friends.


Bring three or four photographs of different people in your life to class.

In pairs ask and answer questions about the people in the photos.
Use the following questions and add other questions if you can.

·         Who is this?
·         How old...?
·         Where ..... from?
·         What ..... his/her job?

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Written & Oral Tasks #2

Cree Naming Poem

The Native American Cree tribe have a tradition with names. When a baby is born they give him/her a temporary, provisional name. When the child is 12 or 13 years old, all the tribe give him/her a definite name based on the child's characteristics.

These names are related to the things the child enjoys, or the ways he/she does things, or what he/she likes.

Look at these examples and answer the questions.

The Honeybee 

The Honeybee 

Her name tells of how it was with her. 
Like a honeybee she goes long distances
to find what she is looking for.
She protects and loves her family .
She is graceful when she dances,
She is active during the day and calm at night.
She likes to be with people
and help them when they have problems.
Like a honeybee, she works hard.
Like a honeybee, she buzzes around
talking to all her friends.
Like the queen bee, she gathers ideas and
leads her friends and family.

Choose the right answer:

1.Katie (the author of "Honeybee")  is...
a) very active
b) very lazy
c) very irresponsible

2.Katie likes...
a) sleeping during the day 
b) dancing
c) being alone

3.Kid Dynamite likes...
a) walking very slowly 
b) running very fast

4.The two poems are in...
a) first person (I, we)     
b) second person (you)         
c) third person (he, she)


Pre writing
Make a list of the things you like doing here

Make a list of the things you always do here


Make a list of the things you don't like doing here

Make a list of the things you never do here


Now organize your information like a poem. Start with "This is how it was with him/her" and then add more lines like "He/she always ......", "but he/ she never...."

Bring your poem to class to work on it.



Watch this video and answer the questions

1. Where does Ashley live?
a. In London                      
b. In Edinburgh                  
c. In Glasgow

2. How old is she?
a. 21 years old                   
b. 22 years old                   
c. 32 years old

3. What does she do?
a. She works in Public Relations                 
b. She is a journalist                        
c. She works in a magazine

4. Has she got any brothers or sisters?
a. Yes. She's got a younger brother                          
b. Yes. She's got an older brother                             
c.  No, she hasn't.

5. What does she do in her free time? (Mark all the options she mentions)
a. goes to the cinema                   
b. goes to concerts                        
c. goes to the theatre
e. does sports                          
f. listens to live music                
g. hangs out with friends

5. Why does she want to come to South America? ? (Mark all the options she mentions)
a. She's got a boyfriend here      
b. She wants to learn Spanish                     
c. She wants to learn the culture

Get ready to role-play this conversation.

School receptionist
You want to start studying in a new school, answer the receptionist's questions with you personal information.
You are a receptionist. You need to fill this form to register new students:
Phone number:
Family members:

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