Written & Oral Task 1

People in your life


Pre writing
Think of 5 important people in your life. Complete the chart.

Who are they?
How old is he/she?
Where is he/she from?
Why is he/she important to you?
Where is he/she now?
What's his/her job?

With the information on the chart write a paragraph about the people. Use the model in your book on page 25.

Useful Language
O K, five people in my life . The first is ... (name)
Duncan's (my brother/ a very good friend).
We're on the phone a lot.
I'm (a shop assistant/an office worker) and Mark's my
(She/He's) very nice, very friendly.
... is a (worker in my office/student in my class).
We're in a class together.
We're good friends.


Bring three or four photographs of different people in your life to class.

In pairs ask and answer questions about the people in the photos.
Use the following questions and add other questions if you can.

·         Who is this?
·         How old...?
·         Where ..... from?
·         What ..... his/her job?

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